Implementing local and regional rural development projects and programs in Northeast Kansas.
Since 1990, the Glacial Hills Resource Conservation & Development Region, Inc. has been a 501-c-3 nonprofit, tax exempt rural development organization assisting with development of natural, economic and human resource partnerships that enhance the quality of life, expand opportunities for economic growth, and sustain community viability in northeast Kansas. We are a successful organization with seven employees. Our vision is to be a leader in natural, economic, and human resource development.
  • Strengthen economic development that achieves improved economic prosperity and quality of life.
  • Assist communities to create a healthy, safe, and eco-friendly environment with strong local leadership.
  • Implement practices to enhance the management and conservation of land and water resources.
  • Communicate the mission and vision of the Glacial Hills RC&D to individuals and communities in the region.

Glacial Hills RC&D
P.O. Box 130
Wetmore, KS 66550
(785) 608-8801