Business Development

Northeast Kansas Rural Business Development Program: Our vision is to work collaboratively to create better communities and a entrepreneurial region that provides a prosperous and sustainable economy. Program focus is on creating a support system for entrepreneurs who are starting, building and expanding enterprises and enhancing the business support services to those entrepreneurs. In the past five years the program has enhanced access to capital by providing $1.3 million in loans to 24 businesses that created or retained 80 jobs.
Northeast Kansas Enterprise Facilitation Initiative: The program provides an Enterprise Facilitator, Teresa McAnerney, and a community based resource board that provides free, confidential, business management coaching to aspiring entrepreneurs and existing businesses. It helps people transform their passions, dreams, and talents into viable businesses. During the eight years the program has existed it has assisted over 700 clients who have started, expanded or retained over 90 businesses with over 275 jobs created or retained.
Glacial Hills Enterprise Center: A regional business incubator in Wetmore, Ks. that provides the right business tools, resources, free counseling and support for entrepreneurial business development. The Enterprise Center provides reduced office space rent along with shared support services such as counseling, high-speed Internet, copier, fax and conference room. The facility is an outreach center for the Washburn University Small Business Development Center with Mary Ann Riederer, business consultant, available to provide counseling, marketing and business planning assistance to businesses in northeast Kansas. Currently one business is located in the business incubator, The Yum Yum Shoppe.
Glacial Hills Food Center: A shared-use commercial kitchen facility available to food entrepreneurs who want to start a small food precessing business. The licensed kitchen facility in Horton, Ks. is equipped for the development, production and marketing of specialty food products, artisan breads and other food products. Connie Pantel, kitchen manager, and the food center provide assistance with development and marketing of specialty items and food preparation needs- for products ranging from soups, salsas, jams, jellies and dressings to bagels, breads, and pastries. It helps turn their dreams from "Recipe to Profits". 

Glacial Hills RC&D
P.O. Box 130
Wetmore, KS 66550
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