Natural Resources

Land Conservation
The purpose of which is to control erosion and sedimentation.

Holton Stormwater Runoff Erosion

Water Management
Provides one or more clear environmental or conservation benefits, the purpose of which is to provide for:

·         The conservation, use, and quality of water, including irrigation and rural water supplies

·         The mitigation of floods and high water tables

·         The repair and improvement of reservoirs

·         The improvement of agricultural water management

·         The improvement of water quality

Delaware River WRAPS
Missouri River Basin WRAPS
Tuttle Creek WRAPS
Streambank Stabilization

Land Management Projects focus on:

·         Energy Conservation, including the production of energy crops

·         The protection of agricultural land, as appropriate, from conversion to other uses

·         Farmland protection

·         The protection of fish and wildlife habitats


Wildlife Habitat Enhancement Cost-Share
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